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Re: [IPk] Bolus timings

>Thanks for that Di. Error on my part - "I'm using Actrapid" should read "I'm
>using Humalog".


Paul - your email was much discussed at the weekend :-) and the questions were:

a) Why on earth is he starting on Actrapid and not Humalog? (There good
reasons for using Actrapid instead of Humalog[1], but not many! For someone
like you, Humalog seems the obvious insulin to start pumping on...)

b) Why is an intelligent well adjusted guy, who has presumably got is
ratios sorted out, getting post-meal hypos? This is usually a Humalog
problem, not an Actrapid one.

So, you have answered both questions quite succinctly!

>Anyway, I've been trying half way throught he meal, but
>still get hypos shortly after. I'll try bolusing straight after and see if
>that does the trick. I think I've hit on the right insulin/carb ratio, and
>my basal seems right - so I guess it's just a matter of timing. I can
>understand that it's easier in some ways to bolus after  - when you know how
>much you've eaten.

Sounds to me like the time-frame of insulin action and carb digestion is
now so tight that you need to consider how fast different foods get
digested, and either splitting your bolus or taking a square-wave when
necessary. This will all of course be established by trial and error!

Good luck


[1] No Humalog normally for pregant women, those with Humalog allergy
(which you can only discover by trying it...) and those who don't like
shooting from the hip.

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