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[IPk] Fw: Post-meal lows

>>I've been "pumping" for about a month. At times I experience low bgs
(2.5 -
>>3.5mmol) 40 to 50 minutes after meals. This is happening more often than
>>like. I was wondering if others have this problem, and if so does anyone
>>inject half way through / after a meal, or do square wave boluses as
>>routine? I'm using Actrapid.
>Paul Kennedy
>Hi Paul,
>I sometimes find I get hypo's soon after eating a meal but it depends very
>much on what I've eaten, for example meals with a high fat content or a
>high complex carbohydrate content.  I use Humalog in my pump which is
>acting than Actrapid and I find that the slow breakdown of carbohydrate
>caused by fat or the capacity of our digestive systems to deal with large
>quantities of complex carbohydrate, sometimes means that the release of
>glucose into my bloodstream is much slower than the action of the insulin,
>do find dual wave and square boluses to be very helpful in these
>circumstances.  Good luck!
>Claire Sneddon

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