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Re: [IPk] BDA Response

At 05-03-00 08:37 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>I just received this email, which brings two concerns:
>a) 'being circulated' weeks after arrival just isn't good enough.
>b) 'in due course' = when?
>My reply will raise these two points.
>_ _ _ _ _ _
>Ms Reynolds
>Mr Streets is out of the office today, but I felt I should respond to
>letter, received this morning.
>The Association has received several letters  for Trustees concerning
>insulin pumps, which are being circulated. A policy statement is
>being drafted which will be considered by the Trustees in due course.
>next Board meeting is on 13th April. It is my understanding that Dr
>the Chair, was going to write to you, to let you know this. He has
>been out of the country and perhaps has not managed to do so yet, I will
>remind him. In the interim, please be assured that this issue is under
>consideration and you will be kept informed of developments.
>Kind regards
>Karen Thomson
>Committee Secretary
Hi Pat,
If your reply has not yet been sent, I would add the question as to how 
Miss Thomson, knows that the BDA has a number of letters regarding insulin 
pumps, when (from people on the list) these have been addressed to the 
trustees, personally, and not the BDA. It might also be useful to ask if 
the letters referred to are questions about the pump (ie from other people 
we do not know ) or whether they have all been from people using the pump 
(ie us). If the first answer is true ask why they have not been referred to 
INPUT, as this is what Careline does (ie ask if the BDA uses a different 
policy for people writing and those ringing and if so why). Some people 
have not written to Paul Streets, so the BDA would be unaware of those 
letters unless privately addressed mail was being opened by them!
I also note that Karen Thomson is not Pauls Streets' secretary of PA and 
therefore it is not her job to be writing the letter you received. Her job 
is as a committee secretary and should only be writing the letter you 
received if the original had been addressed to the BDA in general. I 
further note that since the date your original letter was written there has 
been a management board meeting at which both Paul Streets and Michael Hall 
were present, thus her excuse of not being in the office (he is probably 
spending members' money on entertainment) and of not being in the country 
are rubbish. I would make a further note that whatever qualities Michael 
Hall does or does not have he does not forget to write letters, if he has 
an intention to do so.
In summary I would say that with regard to who wrote to you and the 
contents thereof it makes a very strong indication that the BDA has (or is 
trying to) dismiss the whole subject and hopes it will die a death, as many 
appeals brought to the BDA, by lay people do.
Make what you will of the above.

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