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[IPk] Dusseldorf protocols

>I was also very interested to hear them talking about the "Dusseldorf
>protocols". What they have found at the major diabetes clinic in
>Dusseldorf, Germany, is that, contrary to what was discovered in >DCCT, on
>MDI you can achieve very tight control without an increase in severe
>hypoglycaemia. This is achieved by rigorous patient training is quite
>complex and innovative use of their insulins.

I'm really interested to hear about these protocols, as my last consultant 
warned me of severe hypoglycaemia with better HBA1Cs.  I tried to take to 
heart what he said because I was unhappy with the number of hypos I was 
having/still have.  I'm also feel vindicated by 'complex and innovative use 
of their insulins', because the Zn/S/H (and sometimes L) regime I have 
developed (with the support of my team when I was in San Francisco) 
absolutely bollixes the brains of diabetes professionals in Ireland.

John, I would like your permission to print and distribute your mail.  I 
intend sending it to my former consultant and bringing it to the attentions 
of my current medical staff, with a big highlight over the Dusseldorf 
protocols.  If anyone knows of any English language web links about the 
protocols, please let me know.

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