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[IPk] Re: boluses

>I've been "pumping" for about a month. At times I experience low bgs (2.5 -
>3.5mmol) 40 to 50 minutes after meals. This is happening more often than I'd
>like. I was wondering if others have this problem, and if so does anyone
>inject half way through / after a meal, or do square wave boluses as
>routine? I'm using Actrapid.
>Paul Kennedy

Hi Paul, 
I use Humalog, but I found the same problem. I was going low 40 mins. after
the meal, and then high a couple of hours later. If my Bg is normal, I take
my bolus directly after the meal. If it's something with a lot of
fat/protein or a very slow-acting carb like lentils or  chana dal, I also
do a square wave or dual wave. I guess Actrapid works quite fast for you,
or you're eating quite slow-acting carbs, or both. I find it easier to
bolus after the meal in any case, as I then know exactly how much I've
eaten! Like all things, experiment to see what works for you, and don't
worry  if it's not "normal"!


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