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[IPk] The BDA

Hi All,

What I am writing should probably not be written in the form(at) in which I 
do and as a trustee of the BDA, but I believe I can no longer restrain my 
views, having recently heard of other actions about which I was unaware.
In its current format the BDA is not serving type1 diabetics, as it should. 
Type2 diabetes is becoming more and more the target, the reason being that 
80+% of diabetics have type2. This is a misguided target, given that within 
the membership of the BDA there are roughly equal numbers of members with 
type1 and type2 (in my belief indicating the more emphasis type1 has on a 
person's life), despite the disproportion in numbers and that type1 is 
(usually) with a person for many more years than type2.
Money has been spent/wasted on things that have nothing to do with 
diabetes, for example free drinks at a bar. The constitution is being 
changed, in my view the changes are to spend more money on subjects such as 
involving external agencies, with no experience of diabetes, to make 
decisions and decentralisation rather than providing help and care for 
diabetes and diabetics.
Money is being thrown away on unnecessary meetings. Most important of all 
changes are being made without the authority of the trustees, I have been 
told that within the last 3 months up to 30% of the staff have resigned. We 
(the trustees) are being told lies, one person who was deeply involved with 
the BDA, has been made redundant to work on a freelance basis, the truth is 
that the person was in tears and had had no wish to leave the BDA staff.
The BDA international department has been closed, despite at a meeting in 
October the trustees voting to retain the department. While I cannot 
guarantee the truth of this, I am told that the BDA children's holidays are 
going to be stopped, this has not been told to the trustees although the 
budget for the Youth & Family Services section has been reduced. Apart from 
myself not one of the other trustees has experience of the holidays and the 
benefits they can provide, both physically and psychologically. Mail is 
being retained, destroyed(?) at head office, to retain the views of the 
members from the trustees, apparently this applies to more than the mail 
from yourselves.
In effect the BDA is not being run by the trustees, but by another source. 
I ask you all to count the number of times one face is portrayed in the 
latest Balance, including more than one copy of the same photo, in 
different sizes - as pornographic pictures often are and ask you wether to 
consider that a full page showing Big Ben might not be better used giving 
details of local branch meetings.
Personally I believe that your money would be much better aimed at the JDF 
which is aimed specifically at type1 or a smaller diabetes charity, which 
is aimed at its membership, IDDT.
Not all of what I write can be proven but I am in the process of writing to 
the Charities Commission, due to the concern that has arisen in myself from 
the way the BDA is increasingly being run.
It may well be the case that what I have written should not have been so 
but changes are taken place and credit being given to the wrong people. I 
am more than willing to take whatever is thrown at me.
If you are able to see the small section on page 16 of the latest Balance 
inviting nominations for trustees, please take up the challenge, if you 
feel that you are able to help.
Best Wishes,
By chance, just before I pressed the send button I received a telephone 
call from another member of the BDA. He had written to the BDA about a very 
serious matter, his letter although single was for all the trustees. That 
was last year, the matter has never been brought before the trustees. The 
caller told me that he had written several times and after very many 
telephone calls managed to get through to the chief-exec. What he (the 
caller) told me he was told was that this matter was of no significance and 
that he was wasting the time of 'MY ASSOCIATION'. If what I was told was 
true I see no better evidence that facts are being withheld from the 
trustees and an employee (who is not a member of the charity) considers it 
to be his charity and (only) his view that matters.
I have to admit I have no evidence for what I was told, but I am now 
waiting for some written details to arrive.
All of the above may appear to have nothing to do with pumps, but I have 
also just received some further details concerning the DCAC, which are not 

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