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Re: [IPk] Re: eyes

>In later stages, (proliferative retinopathy), new blood vessels grow
>nearer the cetre of
>the eye (due to a lack of oxygen getting to the retina).  These in
>themselves do not get
>zapped with the laser, but pieces of the edge of the retina are destroyed
>to increase the
>proprtion of oxygen getting to the retina.

Anyone know anything about a new drug snappily named LY333531 which is
currently under trial in the US? It was talked about in a major article on
retinopathy in the Summer 1999 JDF magazine, Countdown.

It's an oral drug - a protein kinase C Beta inhibitor - and is entering
phase III trials. It appears to halt and even reverse damage to retina
blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, in the early stages of
retinopathy, and to be much more effective than laser treatment.

Di? Anyone? I'd hate to think there were innovative drugs now available out
there, but not in Britain...


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