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RE: [IPk] Fwd: latest pump appointment

Elizabeth - it depends on how your consultant/diabetes team run your
pump programme. In Bournemouth we do ours as outpatients over 2 days
with follow-up afterwards. This includes setting up your pump, how to
run your pump and other issues (eg: when to change the basal rate, what
to do if hypo etc.), that includes regular contact with the diabetes
specialist nurse - who has lots of experience on pump therapy (with 24hr
contact by phone if required over the 2 days) and 2 carbohydrate
assessment sessions by the dietitian (that's me). We also start directly
on insulin not saline. 
There is lots of support for running programmes in a free-living way
mainly because you are more likely to interpret and experience your
normal routine and learn to adjust accordingly when you eat your normal
diet/activity rather than something that is relatively artificial -
hence the reason for the team not admitting too many patients for
stabilisation of their BGL. 
Ask them what is their rationale behind having you stay overnight/take
up a day bed for 5 days (although this is the approach used in a number
of European centres). 
I can understand your employer potentially not being very happy - but I
guess if that is the way the team's programme works - you'll have to
decide if you want a pump in this way. Are you not entitled to take that
time as sick leave? If you are discriminated because of your diabetes
then that is a separate issue that you will need to take up with your
employer/suitable board. Good luck.

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> >Hi all -
> >
> >Well, nothing goes smoothly, does it?  When I arrived at the diabetes
> day
> >centre Monday evening, the nurse on duty didn't even know why I was
> there
> >and hadn't a notion that I had been approved for a pump.  There
> wasn't even
> >a copy of the consultant's letter to the health board in my file.
> >
> >They're talking about April for putting me on a pump as an
> outpatient, and
> >they would be willing to do it as an inpatient, but they have to be
> able to
> >get me a bed.  And I have to be able to go as soon as they have a bed
> for
> >me.  And they were talking about being in hospital - when I'm not ill
> - for
> >five days.  And you don't want me in hospital, ever, even when I'm
> dying,
> >because it's not a pleasant experience for anyone, particularly the
> staff.
> >Of course, I didn't tell them that.
> >
> >So I'm a little bit angry, and a little bit - no, I'm a lot angry at
> their
> >conservatism and lack of communication amongst themselves, and quite
> >frustrated at being so close and having another wall put in front of
> me.
> I'm most concerned about having to tell my manager that I may
> disappear for 
> a week, at short or no notice, sometime between now and April, which
> means 
> they probably won't consider me for one of the positions vacant at the
> moment, because I mayn't be here for the training.  I know in the long
> term 
> the pump is worth it, but why do the medical staff have to behave like
> I 
> need major surgery or something?
> >
> >elizabeth
> >
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