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Re: [IPk] Query DECS

>This is very useful - thank you for taking the time to explain.  The reason
>I asked was I had a eye test last week with an optician and they said I had
>a 'few' burst blood vessels, which concerned me but they said they would
>monitor it but I wouldn't need to an appointment for another year - so how
>will they monitor it I wondered.  The optician had not dilated my eyes and I
>have not had this done for the last 3 years - do I need to be concerned
>about this and in your experience do you think I should be going for a DECS
>appointment asap ?

Hi Becky -

I'm know very little in this field, but I believe "background" retinopathy
is quite normal in diabetes, and of little medical significance, whereas
"foreground" retinopathy is potentially serious, and the sooner it's
treated the better. So I suggest you head off to your diabetes clinic for
confirmation of what's going on. Good eye-sight is rather valuable, and
it's worth taking the trouble to ensure it stays that way.

I always like get my eyes screened by a specialist eye clinic attached to a
diabetes clinic. They are the only people, in my opinion, whom I trust to
know what they are looking for. A check for diabetic retinopathy requires
the pupil to be dilated, otherwise it is physically impossible to see
enough of the retina. And it takes 15 minutes for the drops to work, so I
would venture that whoever did your eyes was just doing a quick check
before moving rapidly on to the next customer...

I'm due for my annual check next month at the Freiburg University eye
clinic. Last year, they took photos of both my retinas and I retain copies
of the photos - so I have documentary evidence of what's going on. So far,
so good: everything looks clean. Let's hope it stays that way...

I hate this damn disease.


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