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[IPk] Re: eyes

Jeremy wrote:
> An example of this, re. laser treatment is that it is
>excellent so long as the 'dots', which you might have are not near the 
>entre of the eye, laser treatment cannot be used near the eye centre 
>because it will blind a person.

Do you have more info on this, Jeremy? What exactly are you referring to by fots?
Leaking blood? Leaking fluid? Fatty deposits? New blood vessels? Laser scars?
As far as I am aware:

In the early stages of retinopathy (background), the blood vessels leak, and this can
damage the retina, as well as clouding the vision due to macular oedema. But they don't
normally leak over the centre of the eye, because there aren't any blood vessels there.

In later stages, (proliferative retinopathy), new blood vessels grow nearer the cetre of
the eye (due to a lack of oxygen getting to the retina).  These in themselves do not get
zapped with the laser, but pieces of the edge of the retina are destroyed to increase the
proprtion of oxygen getting to the retina.

Both types of laser treatment (as well as the problematic blood vessels)  can cause loss
of sight, and if they zap in the wrong place (e.g. if you move when they are zapping
you) it can also damage your sight, but dots in the middle of the eye???

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