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Re: [IPk] Query DECS

At 29-02-00 14:21 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Jeremy
>This is very useful - thank you for taking the time to explain.  The reason
>I asked was I had a eye test last week with an optician and they said I had
>a 'few' burst blood vessels, which concerned me but they said they would
>monitor it but I wouldn't need to an appointment for another year - so how
>will they monitor it I wondered.  The optician had not dilated my eyes and I
>have not had this done for the last 3 years - do I need to be concerned
>about this and in your experience do you think I should be going for a DECS
>appointment asap ?
>Comments from all welcome
>best wishes

Hi Becky,
If I was you I would do everything you can to at least get your eyes seen 
in a hospital. I was told, by an ophthamologist that opticians don't know 
too much about diabetic eye problems, being experts in focal sight rather 
than other problems, she also told me to tell an optician not to bother 
dilating my eyes. But in your case, where the optician had not done that 
but still told you that blood vessels had burst I would consider it very 
important that you had your eyes dilated and viewed by an ophthamoloist 
(with diabetic experience), in a hospital setting.
In the NSF (national services framework) that the government is setting up 
(I believe) one of the recommendations is for every diabetic to receive a 
'proper' eye examination annually - this will involve the eyes being dilated.
What concerns me is what you say the optician said with regard to 
monitoring your eyes. The bursting of blood vessels is generally not the 
primary problem. I would tell your diabetic consultant the outcome of the 
eye test (he should have a copy of the results), if necessary you have the 
right to obtain a copy of what the optician has written, given the noting 
of burst blood vessels I am surprised you have not been 
recommended/referred to a specialist eye clinic, but it may be that the 
optician's report has been filed by your GP, without ever being read.
Forgive my cynicism of the NHS and going astray but a clinical appointment 
with or without DECS could make a big difference to your eyesight in the 
years to come. An example of this, re. laser treatment is that it is 
excellent so long as the 'dots', which you might have are not near the 
centre of the eye, laser treatment cannot be used near the eye centre 
because it will blind a person. The earlier the treatment of eyes the 
better the result.
Press your diabetic consultant for an appointment, if he is unkeen ask him 
questions about the eyes (read up before you see him), tell him of 
recommendations being made, by the BDA etc and let him know that it is your 
body not his. At the very least since your eyes have not been dilated for 3 
years you are much more than due an appointment.
I am generally a gentle person but when it comes to medical matters I will 
kick and scream to get what is due, it is only your right.
Best of luck,

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