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Re: [IPk] UK Pumpers

I am seeing John Neale in Manchester on 8 April approx 12 noon - would you be free to join us that day? I haven't discussed your joining us with John yet but bearing in mind what you are doing in Bournemouth I think it would be beneficial for all concerned.  Let me know if you are free and I'll have speaks with John Neale.
the Isle of Wight training went down a treat; Rita has been blooded!- all people love the pump and already are amazed how well they feel! We've got to get this more widely used!
can you give me a call at the office  -I have the luxury of being there all week - end of year accounts! 01203 531 337
Best wishes
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From: John Davis <email @ redacted>
To: Insulin Pumpers UK <email @ redacted>
Date: 29 March 1999 15:18
Subject: [IPk] UK Pumpers

Hi all UK pumpers
My name is John Davis and I live near Bournemouth. I am interested in talking to all UK pump users as I am very concerned that not enough is know about pump therapy in the UK.
My intention is to raise awareness by various means and your suggestions would be most welcome. I know that we are a very small minority in the UK, however, things are on the move. 5 new pump users on the Isle of Wight started last week!
I have started a support group here in Bournemouth, called the INPUT Group, (IN-sulin PU-mp T-herapy), at present we have 7 members all of whom are patients at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital.
As we all know, pump therapy is expensive, so one aim of the group is to raise fund to pay for consumables etc. for those who cannot afford to go on the pump. To this end we have gained support from the hospital by them allowing us to operate under the auspices of their Registered Charity.
Our initial venture is to promote a Jazz Concert in May from which we hope to make about £3000 profit.
I do not want to go into too much detail here, but I feel that support groups are necessary, certainly until we get recognition by the NHS, so I would like to see INPUT start up around the country. Each regional hospital has a registered charity and I am sure they would be willing to help, but it would need local input.
At present I have offers of help from several Diabetes Nurse Specialists, all trained in pump therapy, to help. In addition, Disetronic UK have been very supportive and have given a very generous donation to INPUT.
I could go on and on, but I won't. I am very enthuastic about this project and feel it could really make pump therapy take off. I have advised 6 people this year to go on the pump, and they are the one's that phoned me!
I know that Insulin Pump Therapy is the way forward, all we have to do is convince the right people.
If any of you feel the same way, please contact me by e-mail.  email @ redacted
Thanks for taking time to read this.