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Re: [IPk] Replacement pump

Hi Sylvia,

I think it really depends on whether you want to go for a DIY loop, with
all their advantages (and disadvantages) or whether you want an
off-the-shelf package with all their advanages (or disadvantages).  I
considered both options and chose off-the shelf.

Off the shelf, the two options are Medtronic (which I rejected because it's
(a) medtronic and (b) I already had G6 Dexcom) so went with Tandem t-slim.
I would not, personally, recommend the pump without Dexcom: it is a big
faff to load insulin, wastes insulin, hasn't got a decent clip,does not
store previous alerts (you missed it, it's gone forever), has a 'loud'
alarm that is as quiet as the 'quiet' on any pump, and although it claims
to stay unlocked for more than a minute, it times out in around 20 seconds.

At the moment the Tandem only has an automatic suspend feature.  This is
great.  And there is already an automatic-additional-insulin feature
(Basal-IQ is already out in the US, and last I heard was coming to the UK
in July.

If thinking of the Tandem, I would definitely ask if your clinic witll be
supporting Basal IQ, or staying with the more basic model.  And maybe hold
on until you know it is definitely coming to the UK.

Best wishes,


On Tue, 2 Jun 2020 at 15:23, Sylvia Home email <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi and I hope everyone is staying well.
> I'm due for a replacement pump this month (4-years on Medtronic 640g) and
> hope you could share your experience. I've been offered Tandem, Dana RS,
> Omniopod DASH or another Medtonic 640g (670g only for CGM).
> The 640g has been fine though I don't have any comparison since I've only
> been pumping for 4-years and FreeStyle Libre for a few years. Keen to go
> closed loop as control is really important. Any thoughts?
> Many thanks
> Sylvia
> T1D for 23 yrs; pumping for 4 yrs
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