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Re: [IPk] Re: Question for Teresa

Hi Melissa,

I don't have a problem with the reservoirs lasting, I am on MM so use
quicksets and paradigm reservoirs.  I was just thinking and wondering
about the effect of having the insulin at body temp, as I always keep
the pump clipped to my waistband, but it often is at body temp as it is
covered when I ride my motorbike to/from/at work.  It also gets very
warm overnight laying in the bed next to me (or under me on a bad

I have never had a motor error other than when a set has kinked. I am
currently using a set for between 3-6 days and a reservoir for 4-5 days
usually.  I have started to fill the reservoirs to slightly less than
full so that the change gets in sync, but not there yet.

I still forget to change the set after 3 days, as up until April when my
 3 year plus fight for an NHS pump was over I was paying for all
supplies, so tried to make everything last as long as possible.

I was then routinely getting 6-10 days from each set and had the same
reservoir for a year, just kept refilling it with absolutely no problems
 at all.  I knew when a set change was needed by the sudden rise in BG,
so as long as I was OK I would leave a set in until it literally fell

With every good wish,


T1 Essex, UK.

minimed 515 pump

Current A1C February 2011 5.7.

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--- On Thu, 30/6/11, Melissa Ford <email @ redacted> wrote:
Hi Iain

The insulin in the pump gets quite warm if you always wear the pump
against the skin, but that is unlikely to be the case. If you wear the
pump on your waistband during the day, it's the temperature of your
trousers. The greater risk comes from leaving a pump in direct
sunlight, like at the beach - it can get much hotter than body temp
that way.

 If you tend to see a deterioration in your diabetes control or
occlusion alarms towards the end of a full reservoir of insulin, even
with a fresh cannula, perhaps you would want to change out the
reservoir and tubing sooner. How many days do you currently use each
reservoir/tubing length and is your control worse or do you get
occlusion alarms towards the end of that period?

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