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Re: [IPk] Statins

Hi Joanne et al,

I think that there are some wildly exaggerated claims for statins, mostly
emanating from the medical drug sales people, unfortunately doctors seem to
have been convinced/coerced and bought into the idea wholesale.

As always, educating yourself is the best option, so that you can make a
decision based on the your findings.  I certainly don't believe that statins
can 'clear' blood vessels of plaque, or even that a low cholesterol level is
particularly beneficial.

I would encourage you to look at the wider picture, that cholesterol is a
vital part of the bodies complex interaction, and is actually a precursor to
steroid hormones, so depleting this might lead to other unforseen problems. 
Also, blocking a whole pathway involves shutting down the process (in the
liver in this case) which I also believe is not beneficial, and leaves damage
to other processes which are interdependent.

Some further reading/references and counter point arguments...

Article (general-2007):


Stopped our statins:

Wiki links to explanation of affected processes (very technical!):

With every good wish,

T1 Essex, UK.
minimed 515 pump
Current A1C February 2011 5.7.

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--- On Wed, 29/6/11, Joanne Kelly <email @ redacted> wrote:
Hi all
 I've just finished a course that totally reeducated me in my diabetes! Only
years late but ...!

 On the course we discussed statins as many of us had been prescribed but
reluctant to take them. We were advised that statins do more than simply
cholesterol but also clear the arteries of fat deposits which is why
are advised to take them.

 We were also told that when you are given your cholesterol level, it is
important to ask for the break down as your LDL which is the bad cholesterol
needs to be below 2 and the HDL-good cholesterol between 1&3.

Hope this is helpful.


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 On 29 Jun 2011, at 19:48, DAVID BATTSON <email @ redacted>

> Ralph, Statins do a lot more than just reduce cholesterol so check with
> Diabetes
> UK before setting yourself against taking them as I believe they had an
> article
> about it in 'Balance'.  When I had my quad heart by-pass in 1999 the
> said to me afterwards that you can never have too low a 'bad' cholesterol
> level.
> Best of luck,
>                    Dave, pumping since 2001, idd since 1967.   
> ________________________________
> From: Ralph & Hazel Marlow <email @ redacted>
> Hi Di and Mohan
> Thanks for the information about statins.  I am a bit behind in catching up
> with
> the messages from insulin pumpers and was just thinking about asking the
> question you asked Mohan.  I am in the same boat being nearly 47 and my
> cholestorol is usually quite low and was again when tested for my diabetic
> annual at my GPs clinic recently.  Last time I saw my Consultant he said I
> should be on statins because I am over 40, type 1 diabetics over 40 should
> on
> statins and I should ask my GP to put them on my prescription.  I
> ran it by my GP and his response was they would have no effect because my
> cholestorol was very low and it was pointless me being on them. That
> me
 > and glad to hear others have the same view that I have, if it aint broke,
> fix it.
> It is great to hear Lisa that you no longer need statins.  We are told so
> often
> we are on medication for life so it is nice to hear someone who can stop
> taking
> some of their medication.
> Ralph
> Type 1 27 years, Accu-chek combo pumper 1 year
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mohan Kaur" <email @ redacted>
>> Dear Di ...Thanks for your advice I agree I won't take statins until
>> absolutely needed, its good to know there are others that are doing the
> same
>> as me.
>> Mohan
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