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RE: [IPk] hyperglycaemia and encephalitis

most of the patients don't actually have diabetes.

Brenda, mum of David, 22.

> From: email @ redacted
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> Subject: RE: [IPk] hyperglycaemia and encephalitis
> Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 11:51:36 +0100
> Hi Di
> Perhaps the men were worried about going off to different wards when they
> had only just managed to yet their problems understood on this ward.
> Though it sounds as though their diabetes care in not very good considering
> the recent guidance on BG levels in hospital patients.
> The last time Sasha was in hospital in A&E (vomiting illness for over 24
> hours and ketones rising) we were in cubicles with curtains round the bed
> and in the next bed was a very distressed, confused ,elderly man having
> several painful rectal examinations over the hours we were there, we could
> hear every detail of what was going on. It was quite graphic. I guess this
> is sort of reason why a lot of people would like to be on a same sex ward
> possible. The curtains aren't a lot of good when staff are going in and
> out and you can see people, half naked, undergoing intimate examinations or
> hearing or seeing them use a bed pan/commode etc
> On a scale of things and getting the right timely medical treatment is
> obviously the most important matter.
> Kind regards
> Jackie J
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> Of Diana Maynard
> Sent: 27 June 2011 11:17
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> Subject: Re: [IPk] hyperglycaemia and encephalitis
> HI Brenda
> What exactly was the issue? I'm confused! What was David complaining
> about exactly? I've never known anyone to be consulted about what ward
> they are placed in or to be asked before moving them to a different
> ward, so I can't quite see what the issue was.
> Personally I think the whole thing about not allowing mixed wards any
> more is ridiculous when there's such a bed shortage in general,
> especially when it means having to keep moving people around to make the
> numbers work. As long as you have curtains that can be closed around the
> bed when necessary, what does it matter?
> Di
> On 26/06/11 21:44, Brenda Cookson wrote:
> > we had great fun on the ward today. It's a long story but they wanted to
> move
> > all 5 patients from his bay in order to admit 5 women and they wanted all
> 5
> > blokes to go in different wards. They put their foots (feet) down and the
> Bed
> > Manager came to see them. She then called in the Clinical Director and
> came
> > back with her, by which time I had arrived and walked into the middle of
> the
> > kerfufffle. They managed to all stay together and also have forms
> explaining
> > the complaints procedure. I did stick my oar in, as did the wife of
> another
> > patient, but the decision was largely overturned because of what the
> > patient and David said. David always seems as though he is not the most
> > assertive of people but I was so proud of him today. He spoke up for the
> most
> > vulnerable patient on the ward who was being moved without even being
> > consulted. The Clinical Director made a point of sayying that she had had
> to
> > make a special journey as she doesn't work on Sundays - if she was
> looking
> for
> > sympathy she had come to the wrong place lol!
> >
> > Daviid is writing his complaint out tonight and I am going to type it for
> > him.
> >
> > Brenda, mum of David, 22
> .
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