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Re: [IPk] hyperglycaemia and encephalitis

Hi Jackie

On 27/06/11 11:51, Jackie Jacombs wrote:

> Perhaps the men were worried about going off to different wards when they
> had only just managed to yet their problems understood on this ward.
> Though it sounds as though their diabetes care in not very good considering
> the recent guidance on BG levels in hospital patients.

True, although I am assuming they weren't being sent to a completely 
different unit, and that they'd still have the same doctors, just 
possibly different nurses. But then again, I suppose it depends what 
kind of care/problems they have/needed.

> The last time Sasha was in hospital in A&E  (vomiting illness for over 24
> hours and ketones rising) we were in cubicles with curtains round the bed
> and in the next bed was a very distressed, confused ,elderly man having
> several painful rectal examinations  over the hours we were there,  we could
> hear every detail of what was going on.  It was quite graphic.  I guess this
> is sort of reason why a lot of people would like to be on a same sex ward if
> possible.   The curtains aren't a lot of good when staff are going in and
> out and you can see people, half naked, undergoing intimate examinations or
> hearing or seeing them use a bed pan/commode etc

Maybe i'm more used to that kind of thing, but I don't find at that 
point it makes much difference whether you're a man or a woman. I agree 
it's horrible to hear people having painful examinations or using 
bedpans etc, whether they're of the same sex as you or not. But I 
suppose some people feel more strongly about that. I just think of it 
from the hospital's point of view where bedspace is at a premium, and 
single sex wards makes the logistics so much more problematic.

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