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RE: [IPk] hyperglycaemia and encephalitis


During one of my many hospital stays with severe chest infections/problems,
I was moved to different wards 7 times - in one 24 hour period, 3 times!  To
put it mildly continuity of care was a major issue, plus being exposed to
even more bugs and infections and eventually I put my foot down, like David,
and refused to move again when they came to shift me for the 8th time.

It may be fine for you to have mixed bedded wards/cubicles, but if you are
in a bed next to a disturbed confused elderly male patient who keeps
stripping and getting out of bed while attached to drips and unaware of it,
and there are not always staff around - in fact if there are that is quite
something - most of the time patients end up having to keep an eye out for
each other. Struggling to breathe, I could do without this constant problem.

Personally, I now opt for single sex wards wherever possible.  If you are in
bed ill, you are not always able to pull curtains around you when you
need/want privacy and how much privacy does a curtain provide?  Next to

Obviously you are comfortable with mixed wards, I used to be, but
experiences have changed my position on this.

So please do pause a moment before being scathing about those of us who
differ from you.  Your viewpoint is valid as is mine and hopefully we can
differ without rancour.


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HI Brenda
What exactly was the issue? I'm confused! What was David complaining 
about exactly? I've never known anyone to be consulted about what ward 
they are placed in or to be asked before moving them to a different 
ward, so I can't quite see what the issue was.

Personally I think the whole thing about not allowing mixed wards any 
more is ridiculous when there's such a bed shortage in general, 
especially when it means having to keep moving people around to make the 
numbers work. As long as you have curtains that can be closed around the 
bed when necessary, what does it matter?

On 26/06/11 21:44, Brenda Cookson wrote:
> we had great fun on the ward today. It's a long story but they wanted to
> all 5 patients from his bay in order to admit 5 women and they wanted all
> blokes to go in different wards. They put their foots (feet) down and the
> Manager came to see them. She then called in the Clinical Director and
> back with her, by which time I had arrived and walked into the middle of
> kerfufffle. They managed to all stay together and also have forms
> the complaints procedure. I did stick my oar in, as did the wife of
> patient, but the decision was largely overturned because of what the other
> patient and David said. David always seems as though he is not the most
> assertive of people but I was so proud of him today. He spoke up for the
> vulnerable patient on the ward who was being moved without even being
> consulted. The Clinical Director made a point of sayying that she had had
 > make a special journey as she doesn't work on Sundays - if she was
> sympathy she had come to the wrong place lol!
> Daviid is writing his complaint out tonight and I am going to type it for
> him.
> Brenda, mum of David, 22
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