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RE: [IPk] hyperglycaemia and encephalitis

Hi Christine

Wny do you think they would avoid attriibuting problems to type 1 - wouldn't
it be the 'easy' way to go?

I have been cynical about medical opinion for a long time - something to do
with my first child being stillborn at least partly because they ignored
warning signs in my pregnancy. Also having a GP who was in a rush to prescribe
anti-depressants when i was showing minor anxiety problems and to seeing how
badly my mum was treated by the medical 'profession' in the years leading up
to her death last year. Oh, and there is also the nurse who did David's first
BM test at a walk in centre and said he definiitely had diabetes but it could
be type 2 and we could wait 2 days (bank holiday weeekend on a Sunday) to see
our GP or we could go to Alder Hey 'if we wanted'. I could go on, but I am
sure you get the point!

I bumped into someone I used to work with years ago in the hospital shop this
afternoon. Her son, who is the same age as David, was diagnosed with an
inoperable brain tunour last year - I am not sure whether inoperable also
means terminal but David was with me and he said afterwards that she looked
very sad. He has had treatment in Clatterbridge but is now having further
problems to is in for treatment. She said several times how awful it was that
our sons who should be enjoying their youth and having the time of their lives
were ill. I couldn't disagree with her and all I could say was that I hoped
things would work out as well as they possibly could for her son.

David's BMs have started coming down but they don't actually test them very
often - 4 times a day max and never during the night as far as I can gatherr -
and this is supposedly a diabetes ward!

Brenda, mum of David, 22

> Subject: Re: [IPk] hyperglycaemia and encephalitis
> To: email @ redacted
> From: email @ redacted
> Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 22:43:51 +0000
> Hi brenda
> I often think in the rush to avoid attributing problems to type 1
> bend over backwards (forgive the expression) to refuse to connect symptoms
> crises
> Hope everything improves for david now-it must be a great anxiety for you
but i
> am glad you are healthily cynical about some medical opinion
> Best
> Christine
> .
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