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RE: [IPk] R: ip-uk-digest V4 #113

Di - it is reassuring to know the possibilities are almost limitless.  So far
when I go out I bolus as I go along.  My biggest success was a recent Chinese
meal which have always been a nightmare in the past.  By bolusing with each
course I did not have the usual reactions afterwards (very low and then very
high).  Not sure whether it was because I bolused as I went along or that I am
at last more accurate at estimating or the fact that my control is so much
better since being on the pump that I react better to non-regular meals.

> Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 10:13:12 +0100
> From: email @ redacted
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IPk] R: ip-uk-digest V4 #113
> Hi Mary
> I imagine the garter would be similar to the tubigrip on the thigh
> (which is my usual option for a dress when I can't put it in my bra).
> The advantage of the tubigrip is that you can swivel it so that the pump
> is on the inner part of the thigh and is usually pretty unnoticeable
> (not sure if you can do that with the garter thing?). On the other hand
> you need the tubigrip very tight to stop it falling down.
> As for bolusing when the pump is inaccessible - I usually find I can
> reach down and extract it from my dress while sat at the table (since
> it's mainly under the table and out of sight). Alternatively, you can
> either just bolus when you go to the loo immediately after dinner (or
> even partway through), or you can try taking a square wave bolus just
> before dinner at an appropriate moment when you can nip to the loo. I've
> tried all those options depending on the situation! I often find that at
> posh events like weddings, I barely need any insulin (because the kind
> of meals you have often have little carbs - for me at least, because I
> don't eat bread and e.g. roast potatoes do very little to raise my BG! -
> and combined with dancing after dinner I often burn up as many carbs as
> I eat!
> Di
> On 23/06/11 10:00, Mary Lee wrote:
>  > Di - I havn't actually tried it with a dress yet although I have my
> daughter's
> > wedding coming up which is one of the reasons for getting this to see if
> > could put my pump in it instead of bra (going strapless that day and
> > might be too much).  It does seem to lie very flat to the body and you
>  > place it wherever you like around your middle. I'm thinking perhaps the
>  > of the back as you can twirl it round to access it and then probably the
> bulge
> > would not be noticed. I think that for the actual meal it will probably
> > to be retrieved from the pouch and placed on the top of the dress for
> > access.  Can hardly hitch your dress up in polite company! However, if
> > have a separate device to bolus that may not be an issue.    I have tried
> > garter and that is usually ok although a little strange.  However, if
> > dress is quite tight you do end up with a noticeable bulge which is why I
> > not planning to use it for my wedding outfit.  I understand some pumpers
> > tubular bandages on their thigh but not tried that one. Mary
> .
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