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Re: [IPk] R: ip-uk-digest V4 #113

Hi Di.

I can decide when and if I want a pump free day myself. But I've never really
bothered to do it or needed one.

I was having a bit of a bad time in the beginning with my pump and felt like
thowing it out of the window (long story), firstly I stopped my car in a side
road to see why it was bleeping within the first week of using the pump and
ended up with a parking ticket (didn't see a traffic warden in sight) so gawd
knows how I got a ticket!!! I appealed and won :) Secondly, my pump
malfunctioned and was talking to other electical items in my house and caused
lots of worry, and thirdly, it came out whilst shopping without me knowing and
ended up in HDU with DKA, thought that I was going to die but fingers crossed,
it never happened again due to my increased awareness of the sight itself. I
quite a hard time in the early days and it was then that my DSN offered me to
have a pump free day. But I persevered and stuck with it. I think she was just
seeing the anxiety on my face and that is when we talked about it. I've had
allergic reactions to many of the giving sets and am now using the Mio
set along with a dab of Cavilon cream. It's not been easy, but my HbA1c has
been above 7.0 in six years. Last reading 6.4. I was on a 12 x day pen regime
before the pump HbA1c 12, and when I was attached to the CGM for a week, it
showed that I had insulin resistance at 5pm everyday. The pump resolved this
completely and my overall control improved dramatically. But this resulted in
having quite bad retinopathy bleeds. I'm now hanging onto my driving licence,
and my doctor tells me to be prepared to make other arrangements to get around
in the near future :(  I work as a nurse and it would be awful if I couldn't
to work. There's no public transport as I live in quite a rural area.

Sorry, it's turned into a bit of a story.

Ali :)


From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Wednesday, 22 June, 2011 22:46:45
Subject: Re: [IPk] R: ip-uk-digest V4 #113

Hi Ali
Why do you need to be offered a pump-free day by your DSN? Why can't you
just decide if and when you want to do it?

On 22/06/2011 16:36, ALISON ORACZ wrote:
> Hi Di.
> It's just an thought, but have you thought about having a 'pump free' day
> you wear your dress.  With careful planning, you can use a pen for several
> hours, it could be an option for you. I have in the passed been offered one
> my DSN, but never took her up on it.
> Ali :)
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