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[IPk] Re: severe hypo or not

In 2010, the BBC featured a program on Children's Emergency, a documentary
series following the work of the highly-specialised Children's Acute
Transport Service team.

One of the case was a boy who had a seizure from low blood glucose and took
a long time to recover and had to be transferred to a specialist hospital.
You cannot get a copy of this program on iPlayer anymore, but part of the
story about what happen and the boy's  full recovery is noted here.

He looked really bad in the TV program and was unconscious for days.   It is
possible that the effects from a seizure caused by severe hypoglycaemia to
last a considerable time.


Kind regards
Jackie J

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Hi Helen

I did have a quick look earlier but the symptoms didn't sound like anything
David had, so if he does have it then it is an atypical presentation. It's
interesting that an MRI scan could show something though, as they are
to give David one.

All the medics seem to be of the view that this couldnt't have all been
by a hypo but I am still not convinced and feel like I am a voice in the
wilderness. He has been placed under the neuro people and, as far as I am
aware, the diabetes specialists haven't been consulted. I am assuming that
he is on a diabetes ward there may be some involvement from them though and
will ask about Addisons if I get the chance. I would assume that diabetes
specialists may also be knowledgeable about Addisons as they are both
presumably endocronological (sp?)

Brenda, mum of David, 22

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> Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 14:05:20 +0100
> Hi
> On the subject of Addison's, this is what I have been tested for. The
> initial tests are blood tests, (mine was done fasting, called Synacthen
> tests.
> http://www.endobible.com/investigation/synacthen-test/
> Mine came back as a delayed response and borderline so I had a longer
> Same result.
> This then led to an MRI scan of my brain to see if the pituitary was
> which is appeared to be, plus the Glucose tolerance tests, which was the
> induced hypo and was dreadful.
> Again, the result came back low, but not low enough for proper Addison's.
> take 5mg hydrocortisone to make up for what I'm not producing normally. I
> have been told, however, that the adrenal function is likely to
> as time goes on.
> I have a low thyroid, too, and many other symptoms, eg: extreme tiredness
> and absolute fatigue plus slow response to hypo's.
> HTH.
> Helen
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