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Re: [IPk] RE: ip-uk-digest V4 #116

HI Brenda
I guess it makes sense to try to rule out everything else first. If it's 
hypo related, then there's not much anyone can do except for David to 
try to get better control / test more / avoid hypos. But if it's 
anything else, then you need to know. Hopefully they will draw some 
conclusions soon!

On 22/06/2011 23:25, Brenda Cookson wrote:
> Hi Helen
> I did have a quick look earlier but the symptoms didn't sound like anything
> David had, so if he does have it then it is an atypical presentation. It's
 > interesting that an MRI scan could show something though, as they are
> to give David one.
 > All the medics seem to be of the view that this couldnt't have all been
> by a hypo but I am still not convinced and feel like I am a voice in the
> wilderness. He has been placed under the neuro people and, as far as I am
 > aware, the diabetes specialists haven't been consulted. I am assuming that
> he is on a diabetes ward there may be some involvement from them though and I
> will ask about Addisons if I get the chance. I would assume that diabetes
> specialists may also be knowledgeable about Addisons as they are both
> presumably endocronological (sp?)
> Brenda, mum of David, 22
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