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[IPk] Pumps and dresses

 I just have my dresses altered with a small hole usually in the seam at the
side and then the tailor makes a little loop that it hooks on to - works fine


Mai-Ling Savage

On 22 Jun 2011, at 10:13, "Rhoda Martin" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Okay, reprise of where I wear my pump when wearing a dress:
> (1) down my somewhat ample cleavage - and if folks get close enough to see
> it they need a lesson in manners!
> (2) from the waistband of my panties/waist slip turned inwards - best if
> clipped to waist-slip/tights/panties - prevents awkward and perhaps
> embarrassing droops!!
> (3) side of bra - my least favourite place
> (4) if wearing a front fastening dress with belt then I use a mobile phone
> holster with a fierce magnetic clip attached to the belt
> (5) thigh holsters don't work for me - they always slip down and since I
> have problems with odoema (sp ?) I don't want to have anything too tight
> round my thigh or leg.
> (6) in hollow of back attached to slip/panties/tights - not handy for
> retrieving for blousing but possible
> Rhoda
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> Hi Alison
> It's all very well to say that, but where do you wear your pump with a 
> dress? There's no way you can dress as normal with a dress on, without 
> having some means to attach the pump to you, since you can't clip it to 
> anything or put it in a pocket
> Di
> .
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