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Re: [IPk] Coke or Diet Coke

That's very interesting John.  I  recently got given Coke instead of  
the requested Diet Coke, which resulted in a very high BG reading  
soon afterwards, so I soon realised I had been given the wrong one.   
I felt dreadful afterwards, and as usual, it took a while to come  
down with the correction dose.

I must admit, I don't trust cafe's any longer, so I only have diet  
coke if I can see the bottle or can first.  I think some people think  
it doesn't matter which one they give you, they just think it won't  
hurt.  It does hurt!!

However, perhaps there is now another way of checking.

Clare (type 1 forty years, pumping 4 years)

On 19 Jun 2011, at 18:33, email @ redacted wrote:

>  I have in the past been given Coke when I asked for Diet and often  
> wondered if
> my meter would tell me.
> I just did a test and guess what, Diet measures 1.4 and straight  
> Coke, HI.
> So next time I suspect wrong doing, I can prove it!
> Maybe if I liquidise my meals in future, Carb counting will be easy ;)
> John
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> .
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