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RE: [IPk] RE: statins problems

Hi Nanette
Yes I have a very low Vitamin D level (just over 20) and take tablets for
it. But to make them work you have to take milk based products in your diet
partly to do with calcium but recent research suggests also with lowish
cholesterol. Mine is 4.1 on medication, 5 plus without. My husband (non-
diabetic) had 5 and has got it down by cutting out (you guessed it) cheese!
(And taking plant sterol drinks). 
So we're a bit like jack Spratt and his wife! 

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Hi Christine,
My endocrinologist commented on the fact that I am almost the only one of
his diabetes patients who does not have low vitamin D. I might ask him next
time if he thinks this might be in part because I don't take statins (my own
choice as explained previously, but with his agreement).
On the other hand, my husband, who does not have DM, does not take statins,
does have slightly low vitamin D, and takes vitamin D drops as a supplement.
If you have had a problem putting on weight, why does the GP not prescribe
you vitamin D drops rather than telling you to eat lots of dairy products?

On 15 June 2011 02:42,  <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi nanette
> Yes i am thinking on these lines
 > The problem is that gps don't have time to look at the research and are
> loathe to make connections and to break the rules they've been given 
> the research about vitamin d and cholesterol is also quite new
> Christine
> .
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