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Re: [IPk] Visual Impairment/Guide Dogs/Spirit Pump

Hi Julian

> I,m registered as Sight Impaired (Partially Sighted) due to Proliferative
 > retinopathy and maculopathy. I'm also a guide dog owner. Are there any other
> guide dog owners on this site?

Hmm, I don't know of any. There used to be a guy on here who was totally 
blind (no sight at all) but sadly he died a few years ago. There are 
quite a few people on here who are partially sighted/registered blind 
though. I nearly got a guide dog but decided against it for a number of 
reasons in the end.

> I use an Accuchek Spirit Combo pump (without the remote part).  To those that
> are visually impaired; how do you manage on infusion set changing days?
 > Especially with filling the resovoir..I would really appreciate some hints
> tips.

My only real problem is seeing the air bubbles. When I was in a 
relationship I used to get my partner to check the reservoir for air 
bubbles before I inserted a new reservoir into the pump, but I'm on my 
own now so I just have to do the best I can. My technique is to push the 
insulin in and out and flick the reservoir a lot when i refill, and this 
seems to get rid of the bubbles. Otherwise, i don't find there's 
anything you need to be able to see, in order to refill a pump or change 
the set. I use a Medtronic pump incidentally. i find it hard to read the 
display on the pump without the backlight on, but otherwise it's OK - if 
I'm struggling I just use a magnifying glass (I have one with a light 
on, which is pretty good). I use this to check the air bubbles too. What 
in particular do you have an issue with?

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