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Re: [IPk] RE: statins problems

Hi Christine

If I were you I would ask your diabetes consultant if he or she thinks
it's appropriate for you to be on 40 mg simvastatin - if you're
gaining weight and your cholesterol is below normal, it could be hard
to quantify a benefit. Your diabetes consultant can write to your GP
about the dose of your statin and indicate that it needs to be
reviewed/changed. It sounds like the change to your dosage was made
arbitrarily rather than with reference to your personal health, which
is odd in itself.

There is indeed a healthy level of cholesterol: the human body makes
the stuff for a reason. The association of high (i.e., elevated above
'normal') levels with cardiovascular disease is important, but the
EDIC study has shown that for type 1s, long-term glucose control can
make a bigger difference in markers for cardiovascular health than
statin use.

Feel free to print this out and ask your GP for his or her opinion:


On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 8:14 PM, Christine Bousfield
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Melissa
> But this is odd. I was on 10mg of Simvastatin, moved to atorvastatin because
> of side effects. Then one GP came along and changed all patients in the
> practice to 40mg Simvastatin-4 times as bad for me! I protested obviously. I
> think many didn't.
> GPs do say there isn't a too low cholesterol but there is some evidence to
> the contrary, I think? Di sent me a link recently between low levels of
> Vitamin D partly caused by low cholesterol. In fact I've been told to eat
> lots of cheese, yoghurt and milk.
> I'm putting on weight-you can't win this one!
> Christine
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