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Re: [IPk] R: ip-uk-digest V4 #105

Hi Barbara

When I first got a pump 14 years ago (!) I learned these principles
from my healthcare team:
1) If I had a high bg that didn't budge, or I couldn't get to my
target, within 5 hours of a correction bolus, change the set
2) Take a correction bolus by syringe after changing to the new set
3) Make sure I filled the cannula of the new set after the change (not
necessarily a concern if you primed the Inset through the tubing
before insertion)
4) Test my bg 2 hours after the syringe bolus
5) If not at target, consider other potential issues (illness, stress, etc.)
6) If still not at target by 4 hours after syringe bolus, set higher
temp basal rate on pump (20%, for example)
7) Increase any boluses by 20% as well
8) If not at target the next morning, try 30% increase in basal and
bolus for the day
9) if not at target with 30% increases, try 40% in the afternoon of
the third day

These rules have served me well. Did your team give you advice
regarding setting temporary basals along similar lines?

Also, is it possible that your hormones are playing up? I'm not sure
of your age but women's hormones can change throughout life and
sometimes their impact on glucose control is a shock!

Hope that helps

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