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Re: [IPk] GP Referal to Runsweet

Hi Paul

Your right to be treated at your choice of hospital is enshrined in the NHS


However, if you are already being seen at a clinic, your rights are
different - you only have the right to ask for a second opinion, your GP
doesn't have to honour it.  However it seems that you have a clinical need -
diabetes & sports, so I would major on that; you are a keen sportsman and
need specialist help.  Don't major on a single event.

Hope that helps

Type 1 since 1968, pump user since 2002

On 12 June 2011 09:53, Paul Coker <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Guys
> Can anybody tell me what my rights are for a referral from my GP?
> On the 9/10 July 2011 I will be part of a team that is doing the 3 Peaks
> Challenge to raise money for JDRF.  I was dx in July 1977 and have been
> pumping for 4 years now, without the pump there is no way that I could
> consider this challenge.  I have been training hard for almost a year now
> and experience lots of hypos when hillwalking and for a few days after.  I
> have been reducing my basals, monitoring my heart rate during exercise and
> performing bg tests every 30 minutes during exercise and have become expert
> at treating the hypos before they happen whilst exercising but the sting in
> the tail is the post exercise and nocturnal hypoglycaemia which still
> catches me out.  I have been trying to get a referral to Dr Ian Gellan's
> clinic in High Wycombe which is a specialist clinic for diabetes and
> exercise (www.runsweet.com) but my GP is reluctant because the clinic is
> outside of the PCT.  Do I have a right to insist or should I just find a
> new
> GP?
> I have written to the GP explaining that it is better to manage the problem
> proactively rather than wait to be airlifted off of a mountain or to call
> the paramedics in the middle of the night because of hypoglycaemia but this
> does not seem to persuade him.   I have also been to see the GP over this
> and the answer is still negative.
> Thanks
> Paul
> .
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