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Re: [IPk] RE: Statins Issues

Hi Iain

I am definitely going to read your attachments later and work out whether to
stop or take a break from them to see how I go.

Thanks very much


On 13 June 2011 10:28, Iain Jenkins <email @ redacted> wrote:

> HI Babs,
> Some time ago my GP decided that as a diabetic his belief is that we all
> should be on statins, so prescribed me 40mg simvastatin "to protect your
> circulation system".  I wasn't happy about that as my cholesterol at the
> time
> was 4.1, so  asked why am I going straight on the large dose?  His reply
> was
> "there is no lower cholesterol limit, the 10mg and 20mg are barely
> effective,
> in fact you can get 10mg over the counter now".
> I took them for about 3 months, and my cholesterol dropped to 3.1, I had no
> side effects, but after doing some research was very worried about
> rhabdomyolisis (muscle burning/destruction) as that is a recognised side
> effect and I train with weights 4 times a week, so am starting muscle
> breakdown intentionally.
> I stopped taking them soon after and haven't/won't take them again as I
> feel I
> am at high risk for that side effect.  I have no specific research to back
> that up, but am happy to take the 'risk' of not having a statin.  My
> cholesterol has gone up since I stopped taking them, usually around 5.5
> now.
> Lots of the things I read led me to believe that the pathway that is
> blocked
> by statins is also responsible/involved for quite a few other things in the
> body, and I think that we don't fully understand the consequenses of
> knocking
> that out in the quest to lower cholesterol production.  I also think that
> cholesterol per se is not the demon it is made out to be - why would the
> liver
> make it if not required?
> Some further reading-
> http://stopped_our_statins.webs.com/
> http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/statins/statin-disaster/
> So, it's up to you but as long as you do your research at least you can
> make
> an informed choice as I have done.
> With every good wish,
> Iain.
> T1 Essex UK
> Minimed 515
> Current A1C 5.7 Jan 11.
> --- On Sun, 12/6/11, email @ redacted <
> email @ redacted>
> wrote:
> Hi. I take 40 mg of Simvastatin every night. I have not been keeping up
> with
> the messages about problems with taking it. Taking them has reduced my
> cholesterol to 3.2 so I thought they were good for me. I suppose I had
> better
> look at the reasons people are not wanting to take them then.
> Babs x
> .

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