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Re: [IPk] Pump & CGM Funding


Please see the INPUT website, http://www.input.me.uk

We are stepping up efforts re diabetes technology as a category more
and you are very welcome to join us!

Type 1 18+ years, MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 6.5+ years;
CGM user 4.5+ years; INPUT volunteer 7+ years

On Sunday, June 12, 2011, Paul Coker <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Guys
> Is there a better way to gain access to funding for diabetes?
> I have been diabetic for 34 years and I am more than a little tired of
> having to fight for funding for every single improvement in treatment.  I do
> not wish to be negative here but as people with type 1 diabetes we get a
> poor deal!  I can remember fighting for funding for disposable needles,
> something we were only given after the government of the day were
> embarrassed by diabetics publicly because we were paying for our own
> disposable syringes and drug addicts were being given them to mitigate the
> risk of HIV & AIDS.  Even this was not an all encompassing solution I am
> sure that many of us on here remember that even after we were given funding
> for syringes we were still having to pay for novopen needles until the early
> 1990's.
> I have been lucky enough to secure funding for my pump a battle which took
> me a little over 2 years and I remain grateful for the fantastic advice I
> received from this forum and in particular the help of John.  I am now
> embarking on my next campaign which is to get funding for CGM.  Everybody is
> telling me that I don't stand a chance but I remain certain that I can get
> this resolved.  The thing that really strikes me is that we are all fighting
> these battles daily on an individual level, the clinical evidence
> demonstrates that these standards improve the outcome for us and have a
> financial benefit to the NHS in delaying and preventing secondary symptoms.
> There are circa 94,000 of us in the UK with type 1 diabetes, surely we need
> a single combined voice to promote our rights to these treatments, and
> before anybody suggests that diabetes UK is already doing this I would agree
> in part.  However, the fact remains that diabetes UK focuses on the
> interests of all of its members but the majority of those are diagnosed with
> type 2 diabetes and they focus understanably on this arena.
> If we combine our efforts and we approach the manufacturers like Medtronic,
> Roche and Animas for assistance in creating a single combined voice which
> has more volume and impact than 94,000 individual voices over a disparate
> time frame.  How can we create this single voice to promote access to
> treatment?
> Paul
> .
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