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Re: [IPk] Infusion sets sites

Because if you've a preference on which side of your body you wear your pump
(the right side, for instance), and your set, in going towards the centre of
your body, points left, then it'll need to go back on itself to connect to
your pump.
Anyway Jo, I'm sure it'll be fine.

On 10 June 2011 10:36, Diana Maynard <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Why would it have to go back on itself? I must be missing something obvious
> here. But in any case, it doesn't matter. Do you always ensure your tubing
> is in a straight line? I can't imagine how (or why) you'd even do that! Try
> tying a knot in the tubing and you'll find insulin will still be delivered.
> Try tying a knot hard enough to prevent insulin delivery and you'll see how
> difficult it actually is! I frequently wake up in the morning with knots in
> the tubing, doesn't affect insulin delivery.
> Di
> On 10/06/11 10:31, Zoe Formby wrote:
>> Hi Jo,
>> I suppose that it all depends upon the length of the tubing, as
>> effectively
>> it would have to go back on itself slightly.  However, I'm sure it'll be
>> fine.  I often find that mine is facing the 'wrong' way (down to my
>> changing
>> sets when I'm half asleep...), and I've had no problems.  Give it a go,
>> and
>> see how you go.
>> Best wishes,
>> Zoe
>> On 9 June 2011 23:41, JOANNE PARSONS<email @ redacted
>> >wrote:
>>   Hi All
>>> Since I started pumping I've always used my stomach to site my infusions
>>> sets
>>> I
>>> always inserted the cannula facing towards the centre of the body due to
>>> ease
>>> of
>>> tube connection,  But due to frozen shoulders I'm now finding inserting
>>> on
>>> one
>>> side very difficult and the area I'm able to insert into very limited so
>>> worried
>>> that I will start over using this area..
>>> Due to the connector I've always inserted the connector facing outwards,
>>> does
>>> anybody know how much difference inserting the opposite way to the
>>> connector
>>> facing toward the centre of the body!  Will this cause kinking of the
>>> tubing
>>> at
>>> the connector?
>>> I'm self insert because of using angled cannulars, as I have extreme
>>> difficulty
>>> in finding enough fat to insert into.  My thighs are ruled out because of
>>> this
>>> even with angled sets, my arms and back/buttocks are also ruled out due
>>> to
>>> both
>>> my shoulders are frozen so can't actually reach these area's...  And I
>>> really
>>> don't want to resort to having to get my husband to them most just for
>>> the
>>> independance side of things, but he's scarily keen to stick things into
>>> me!
>>> A
>>> tad off putting
>>> Jo
>>> .
>> .
> .
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