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RE: [IPk] Red wine


When the liver is "absorbed" with coping with alcohol, it apparently cannot
monitor glucose levels at the same time and therefore does not release stored
glucose for low blood sugars.  This is why we tend to get the "munchies"
effect after drinking. 

So if drinking more than a small glass or two of wine (not the face dunking
large glasses often equivalent to 3 units of alcohol offered in some
restaurants etc) it could be useful to use a lower temp basal for a few hours
to prevent hypos. 

But as ever, keep checking the bgs because so many different factors come into
play which affects how the alcohol works on your bg levels and this can and
does vary from occasion to occasion with the same individual.  E.g. stress,
food eaten along with alcohol, medicines currently being taken, tiredness,
illness, heat/cold, exercise etc etc.

If you want a really interesting experiment to try: take several glasses of
wine and a pizza and test every hour for 10 hours. 

And as always, your mileage may vary.


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