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Re: [IPk] re: diabetic devices

Hi Rhoda
You might like the SpiBelt for wearing your pump. It's very comfortable, 
unlike most waist pouches, and you can easily spin it around on your 
waist to wherever is comfortable (eg at the back if you're bending over, 
or at the front or side if you're lying down. I've started wearing it 
for all my sports and find it much better than anything else, and it's 
easy to just unzip and get at (you can also fit a pack of glucose tabs 
or small meter in there if you need to). You can only get them from the 
US but they're not too expensive and they ship them for free over here, 
and it arrives in about a week. Works well when wearing a skirt too. 

For wearing under a dress, I'm a big fan of the cleavage or in the bra 
under the arm but for some dresses it's still not very practical. I 
discovered by chance this summer that control pants actually make the 
ideal location! I bought a new summer dress and was a bit conscious 
about my stomach after several months of enforced inactivity, and bought 
some fetching control pants from M&S. They're perfect for putting the 
pump in and actually fairly easy to the pump out of for bolusing if 
you're e.g. sitting at dinner, as you can just reach under the skirt 
part of the dress. I wore it that way with a dress for a conference 
dinner followed by dancing and it stayed put with no problem!

As for supplies, I use a small pencil case for emergency stuff (1 spare 
infusion set, 1 spare insulin cartridge, 1 syringe, 1 reservoir, and a 
small tube of glucose gel) which fits easily into any handbag except a 
very small one. Additionally I carry my meter and a pack of glucose 
tabs. That does me for any day trip - though for most day trips I tend 
to carry a small rucksack anyway as I like to have room for a jumper, 
book, etc!

Agree completely about the waste of packaging. ONe thing that drives me 
nuts is the pointless bit of tape that holds together the tubing of each 
infusion set (Silhouette). It's only tiny but it's completely unnecessary!

On 08/06/11 08:09, R Martin wrote:
> Being hour-glass figure, I usually carry my pump in my cleavage! Trouble is
> when out in public and need to bolus. I use an Animas 2020.
> Concerned, having had prior breast lumps/cysts (benign - thankfully) that the
> bruising I sometimes experience from carrying pump this way, may be causing
> problems down the line.  Even when I remove the clip at the back this is a
> problem - and in hot weather (when we get it) it is even worse.
> I find that if I carry the pump at my waist e.g. when wearing jeans, it keeps
> falling off or sticking in to me when I bend over.  Doing gardening I bend
> over a lot!
 > So a more adaptable pouch suitable for wearing in different positions would
> very welcome.  I've failed to come up with a solution myself.
> Carrying all the supplies required for pump use and fall-back is a pain and
> fills up my handbag/shoulderbag but I still want to use my pump.
> All those used strips of foil and test strips mount up during the day and it
> would help if (a) companies would say which parts of their supplies are
> recyclable i.e. packaging and (b) in some parts of the country we have major
> problems in having clinical waste disposed of safely.
> How do other folk dispose of their tubing sets?
> Rhoda
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