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RE: [IPk] Diabetic Macular Oedema

PS  I have just seen that Lucentis has not been approved for diabetic use
yet.  I got this wrong.


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Subject: RE: [IPk] Diabetic Macular Oedema


>From memory I think it is called Lucentis and I know it has to be injected
in the very early stages, otherwise it cannot be used.  Thank you for
telling me about Balance.  I have not got round to looking at it yet.  This
drug was approved by NICE last November for diabetic use and was formerly
only available for AMD.  I think it is very much up to the PCT whether they
fund it and I know someone in this borough with AMD was refused it a couple
of years ago.  Thanks for your reply.


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Subject: RE: [IPk] Diabetic Macular Oedema

I was reading Balance over the weekend and there was a letter in from
someone who had sight restoring injections following macula oedema.
>From what I can gather they were not funded by the NHS.  Unfortunately,
I am at work and cannot remember the name of the drug but maybe their
website might have the article? 

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Subject: [IPk] Diabetic Macular Oedema

I have resent the following message as I forgot to change the heading. 


I have had retinopathy for 25 years and so many laser burns that they
they can't get any more in.  I have been on the pump for just over 8
which was also the year I was told I was partially sighted.  With
pumping I
hoped I had got my complication under control.

A few months ago they did an eye photography session in which they first
injected me with a substance.  I was told afterwards that they were
for diabetic macular oedema.  They found it in both eyes and when I
about three weeks ago I was told they intend to have several photography
sessions over the next 8 months and my appointment was made for January,
which really surprised me as I usually go more often.

Over the last week or so I have been getting floaters which I have not
for years.  I have also had a couple of really bad headaches starting
my eyes, across my forehead and across my head.  On Friday I decided to
the eye department and was told they will make an earlier appointment to
me soon.  Can anyone else who has both problems tell me more about all
My imagination is going 2 to the dozen and what I am coming up with is
frightening me.  My life is already curtailed enough by the partial
sightedness and other complications and I can find little about
The macular websites say 'Don't worry, sufferers do not go blind as they
still have peripheral sight'.  However, I have already lost mine.
has anyone any thoughts on this?

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