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Re: [IPk] Vibe gets CE Mark Approval

Hi June
As you may know, I'm in a similar position to yourself (they can't do 
any more laser to me either). It's definitely worth contacting them 
about the floaters. It could be just the same floaters that "normal" 
people get, which means nothing at all, or it could be small bleeds in 
the eye, which is more serious and needs to be kept an eye on (though in 
itself, it's not a problem, but could be the sign of more problems). 
Something like this happened to me many years ago, and I then woke up 
one morning with a major bleed which didn't clear, so a couple of days 
later they did a vitrectomy under anaesthetic, which cleared it (and I 
never had problems again with bleeds). That's probably the worst case 
scenario, and is not particularly likely to happen, but it's worth 
knowing about. If you have macular oedema as well, then that does 
unfortunately suggest that you do have something going on and therefore 
the floaters are likely to be small bleeds, but as I said, in themselves 
they're not problematic as long as they disappear again and don't block 
large amounts of your vision.

I'm also just wondering, are you getting confused with macular oedema 
and macular degeneration (when you talk about "the macular websites"). 
As they are two completely different things. I too have lost a lot of 
peripheral vision (and have virtually no useful sight in my left eye, 
and am registered blind). But I still mountain bike, play softball and 
many other sports, and lead a pretty full and active life even if I'm 
not allowed to drive a car or fly a plane and have trouble recognising 
my friends and walking around in the dark. So don't imagine the worst, 
though I know it's hard not to worry.

On 05/06/11 01:18, June Searle wrote:
> Hi
> I have had retinopathy for 25 years and so many laser burns that they say
> they can't get any more in.  I have been on the pump for just over 8 years,
> which was also the year I was told I was partially sighted.  With pumping I
> hoped I had got my complication under control.
> A few months ago they did an eye photography session in which they first
> injected me with a substance.  I was told afterwards that they were looking
> for diabetic macular oedema.  They found it in both eyes and when I visited
> about three weeks ago I was told they intend to have several photography
> sessions over the next 8 months and my appointment was made for January,
> which really surprised me as I usually go more often.
> Over the last week or so I have been getting floaters which I have not had
> for years.  I have also had a couple of really bad headaches starting from
> my eyes, across my forehead and across my head.  On Friday I decided to ring
> the eye department and was told they will make an earlier appointment to see
> me soon.  Can anyone else who has both problems tell me more about all this.
> My imagination is going 2 to the dozen and what I am coming up with is
> frightening me.  My life is already curtailed enough by the partial
> sightedness and other complications and I can find little about outcomes.
> The macular websites say 'Don't worry, sufferers do not go blind as they
> still have peripheral sight'.  However, I have already lost mine.  Please
> has anyone any thoughts on this?
> June
> .
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