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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V4 #93

Hi Jen,

The answer is not as easy as it might be since I don't live in the UK
now, and have been taking a product I bought here in Israel called
Feminol. A quick internet search revealed that 1) the company,
Meditek, who make it are negotiating to export Feminol, 2) that its
ingredients include the black cohosh plant, vitamins, and minerals - I
can look at the complete list of ingredients when I get home this
evening, 3) that there is another company out there making something
also called Feminol, and I cannot make out if this is the same stuff
or not at all!

What I also know is that I originally was convinced to start taking
phyto-oestrogens after reading about them on a British website of an
organization that no longer seems to exist called WNAS (Women's
Nutritional Advisory Service) - I now notice that the person who set
that up now has her own website http://www.maryonstewart.com/ - you
might try looking there. I also know from friends that there a number
of different supplements on the market that include black cohosh and
the other supposedly important ingredients, and different people and
their doctors can put forward reasons why some are better than others.

All I can tell you is from my own personal experience - that when I
started to experience quite mild menopausal symptoms about 8-10 years
ago, I thought I would try Feminol, and the symptoms virtually ceased
and have only come back a bit when for some reason I neglected to take
the tablets for a few days. So I never did any comparison between
different supplements or whatever, since whatever it was in these
tablets worked well for me.

Best of luck with this - it is definitely worth trying

On 2 June 2011 13:48, Jeanette Garret <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Nanette
 > Sorry for the delayed reply. Can you give me any ideas as to where I'd get
 > supplements you were taking that contained phyto-oestrogens and maybe a name
 > you can remember. There are a lot of different things on the market supposed
> help with the menopause but I'd prefer to try something already tried by
> someone.
> Thanks
> Jen
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