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RE: [IPk] Inset 30


I tried 2 samples of Inset 30, free from Animas, a few weeks ago. It was
possibly me, but I had no success with either. I figured that the first one
I had inserted a bit quickly and it hurt, so I changed it for my usual Flex
link with inserter - a straight in one, which was fine. The next change I
thought I'd try again and changed it mid-morning. At lunchtime my bg was
quite high, but as breakfast was late and lunch was early I just corrected,
had lunch, then went to work. During the afternoon I kept testing, and
correcting, but it just got higher and higher. Eventually I had to change
the set, and found that even with following the instructions as well as I
could, the needle had just run along my skin and not pierced it at all,
although the sticky bit had stuck it down. All the insulin I had pumped had
been wasted! It took me until next day to get back to an even keel, and I am
sticking to my old ones for the time being.


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Hi Gillian

I am currently using the Inset 30. I do really like them but I haven't had
much luck inserting them fully before the sticky part sticks to me. Have
had a couple of tips from Deborah ( from Animas UK) to enable them to be
pushed in. I haven't inserted one yet, with this advice, so am not entirely
clear how it will work. I will let you know.

I was using the Inset II, which I also liked, as previously I was using the
Comfort, without an insertion device. I have to say, I prefer to use an
inserter, it hurts less!

With the Inset II, as you say, you can't see where it goes in. This is
different with the Inset 30. I will persevere for now and see how it goes.

Good luck!

IDDM 25 years, pumping Animas IR 1000, IR 1200 4 years, married 26 years &
have 5 kids.

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contribution will eliminate this header from your IP mail> > Hi> Just
wondering if anyone has used the new Inset 30 infusion sets yet? I> have got
samples of them with insertion device/without device and comfort> short
I currently use Inset II which are great except I have caught> them on the
table a few times which resulted in blood everywhere and a> nasty bruise on
one occasion so thought I would try some others - I> understand the Comfort
has a flatter profile but have not put one in> without an inserter. Have
had bent cannula a couple of times and with> current set you cannot tell
your blood goes up.> > Gillian> .>
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