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Re: [IPk] Mysteries of the doctors surgery

I know exactly what you mean about "Lucky dip" syndrome.
 I have 4 tablets, two for blood pressure, one statin and one for my allergies,
I also have a set of eye drops, two different blood glucose strips, blood ketone
strips, Vials of humalog, Vial of Humilin I, syringes and lancets.
 I tried to use the local chemists phone and collect service, where you phone
the local chemist and they tick the items you want and then do all the
processing with the surgery and you just collect the items 48 hours later, but
unfortunately this doesn't work.
 To actually get the right items I have to constantly write a covering letter
with my repeat prescription or actually go in and see the doctor (which is a
whole different ball game of trying to organise an appointment). I then have to
wait 48 hours for the prescription to be written, and then go collect it from
the doctors, check it in reception, hopefully it is right, otherwise i have to
ask for it to be altered and wait another 4 hours. Then I can go to the chemist
and get it made up.
 When I enquired about the repeat prescription process, I was told it was a
senior receptionist who put them all through the computer and the doctor just
checked and signed them.
 When I went on the pump, I actually got phoned up by the receptionist asking me
why i wanted Vials and not Cartridges and why I was asking for Syringes, to be
honest I was probably a bit short with her and told her i would only discuss
this with the doctor, as he knew my medical case.
 I think what really worries me is the fact that the doctors are obviously just
signing repeat prescriptions for anything that is put on their desk, us guys are
a bit more savy about it and will say something, but there might me other people
out there with cupboards full of stuff they don't use, because they don't want
to complain.
 Stuart Chadwick. 

 Diabetic T1 19 Years, Paradigm 715 user 1 year 4 months, Carelink user, and
occasional CGMS User.

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From: Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted

Sent: Sunday, 29 June, 2008 12:05:23 AM
Subject: RE: [IPk] Mysteries of the doctors surgery

Hi Joanne

It sounds like the same practice I go to!!

Sasha has 29 items on her script because she has various items of gluten free
food and also ventolin (used to have asthma) plus the diabetes stuff. whenever
we order anything its like dipping your hand in a lucky dip.  You never know
what you are going to get actually put on the script.  Then the pharmacy add
their "Chinese whispers" when you collect you are never quite sure of what will
turn up.  We know now to check the items before leaving the pharmacy.

> Hi All

> I know who the culprit is that constantly trys to reduces items such as our
> tests strips..  But it's the items that you end up with when you pick your
> prescription up from the chemist.....

> I request BG tests strips, I end up with lancets eh!  I ordered BG test
> strips to find out that they've given me ketones sticks as well......

> Any alteration to your repeat prescriptions seems to throw a right old
> in the works.  I go on the pump, so clinic sends information what new
> items and that what should be on my repeats and a little not at the bottom to
> say that I required plenty of BG test strips.  Added items were basically
> insulin vials....

> So Hubby phones the surgery for my prescription because it's new so couldn't
> be done by the chemist..  After going round in circles concerning why I
> needed the vials and why I still required the cartridges to remain on my
> repeat 1/2 later he thought that mission had be accomplished and it would all
> be ready to pick up on Thursday...

> But no, they had written it for cartridges, if you think having the chemist
> the same building as the surgery means that it has a easy resolve nope.  We
> had to go to reception who went through all the details of whys and wot
> nots.  Before informing us that there wasn't a doctor in surgery until that
> afternoon ahhhhh.

> As most people use insulin pens, it isn't that easy to get vials o
> from the chemist, ordered as required which in my case would have been done
> the Monday if surgery had given them the right script, the chemist tried to
> order for that afternoon but missed the cut off point by 10 minutes.  It
> took 2 days to sort...

> And to get to speak to the practise manager, well haven't managed that one
> yet...B  She doesn't work Fridays and then she down at the other surgery that
> we are linked to over the other side of town, so I told to phone when she
> in our surgery etc.

> Jo
> .

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