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[IPk] Summer Camps and SEN statements

Summer camps - Hi Angie

We take Sarah to camp and then go off travelling, The first year we flew to
California to visit my husband's family, the 2nd year we actually drove
around Texas and stayed on the gulf coast and the 3rd year we flew to
Florida. This year is Aruba! The trick is to join each of you as individual
members of American Airlines Advantage, this way you clock up lots of air
miles which you then use the following year. Our flights to Aruba have cost
us 29 dollars each!!!! The first year we took Sarah we stayed in Dallas for
a week to make sure she had settled and was OK. You can call and speak to
the councilors any time and they are very helpful and nice..nothing is too
much trouble for them...

The carb thing is fine.. you choose a carb plan at the diet check-in desk
for a fixed amount of daily carbs (I think they go in 50 cho increments,
this year Sarah will choose 200 cho a day as she's very active there). They
split this over the daily meals and each child is given the correct amount
for his/her meal plan..They cope with all allergies, dietary
restrictions..everything. When its meal time, if they do not like something
on their plate, they have an exchange system so they can swap for something
else that's an equal amount of carbs. Sarah says the food is yummy and she
never goes hungry.

In fact, she arrived in Dallas about an hour ago (by husband is taking her
and flying back tomorrow) and then we'll go out to collect her from session
2 , do her laundry and take her back to session 3.

Sarah's endo signs her medical form and we give them a cop of our medical
insurance. Some US medical insurance companies actually cover the medical
cost of the camp so a lot of these forms are for US people reclaiming and
not relevant to us. On the medical insurance forms you write "not filing"
and send a copy of your travel insurance.

Hope that helps.

SEN and Jackie

Wow... didn't realize it was hundreds. seems we need to set up something or
some kind of pro-forma to help everyone. Sarah has had a full time SEN carer
funded for 33 hours since she was 4, I also just got a SEN statement for a
friend with a 4 year old who just started pumping.. so there is a precedent.
It's definitely advisable to get parents to apply for DLA first (under both
day and night care) as this then helps the SEN process. It saddens me that
so many kids end up running high to avoid hypos at school and are
sacrificing their  long term health for the convenience of the teachers.
Let's put our heads together to see how best to tackle this.. do you think
us setting up some standard letters for parents to use will help? Feel free
to email me off-list. I'm around for the next 2 weeks and actually kids-free
as Sarah left this morning for Sweeney and David leaves at 5am with the
cadets for a hike in Bavaria! I'll do what I can to help.. I think the more
diabetic kids that can get carers.. the easier it will be for future kids.
This really should be automatic..child needs continuous care, constant
monitoring, full inclusion of school curriculum and needs administration of
life saving medication... over dose can be fatal, therefore must have carer.
FULL STOP. We need to end this discrimination against diabetic kids and
ensure they can all look forward to a healthy future.

Karen Persov

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