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Re: [IPk] Adjusting basal rates

Hi Gillian

Sorry, I wasn't meaning to say you had or hadn't done the right thing
last night, I was just addressing your comment "but then that would
mean not doing anything when going to bed unless my blood was very
high," because it sounded like maybe you thought it was okay or
'correct' to bolus only if you were taking at least 1 unit. Some
people get told that by their care teams, and it isn't true!

As for last night though, you might want to do some extra monitoring
to see if you are more sensitive to boluses at night than during the
day. Maybe you will find that 1 unit can bring you down by 6 mmol/L
after 8 pm, but 1 unit brings you down by 4 mmol/L during the day. One
of the challenges of pumping is you find out just how your body works
and it's often not how you always thought!

Just in case it could be relevant here: keep in mind that hormone
therapy such as birth control and HRT, as well as the menstrual cycle
if you're not on therapy, can all have significant effects on insulin
sensitivity. Post-menopausal women generally have less fluctuation in
their insulin sensitivity than women between puberty and the


On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 9:45 AM,  <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> Hi Melissa
> Do you think I should have corrected by less than 1u. I was just thinking
> 1u would bring it down to about 7.
> Gillian
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