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Re: [IPk] Insurance for pumps

I wouldn't worry about the paperwork from the insurance company, your 
pump company should be able to supply you with a temporary pump while 
you're waiting. Just like it gives you a temporary pump while you're 
waiting for a pump to be fixed if it breaks.
Technically my pump belongs to the hospital, so it's their 
responsibility if anything happens to it and they cover the insurance, 
so I don't need to do anything. This is what they told me anyway. But 
this is not the norm, it seems.
To be honest it's pretty unlikely that you're going to lose the pump or 
have it stolen, and if it breaks, it's covered under the warranty. 
Although I did once leave my pump in an M&S changing room! Went back 
half an hour later and it was still there, luckily! Now I always make 
sure I put it in a pocket if I'm going to disconnect it while changing!

Stuart Chadwick wrote:
> Hi Angie,
 > you made me smile which having the day i have had is a good thing, thanks for
> that.
>  it does rather highlight the point that the insurers dont know what they are
> insuring and it worries me, incase something happened, would they realise how
> quick i would need a replacement.
>  When I had my laptop stollen it took a week to get the papaerwork sorted and
> them another week to get the cheque for a replacement.
>  I dont understand why Diabetes UK insurance servies dont jump on the Pump
 > bandwagan and offer specififc Pump insurance, where hopefully we wouldnt have
 > explain to some telphone operator what a pump is and how it works, and why it
> so nessercary to wear it 24/7, whereever we go.
 > Talking about medical equipment that needs insuring, does anyone know if they
> make you insure a false limb? Just a thought?
>  Stuart Chadwick.
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