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Re: [IPk] Adjusting basal rates

I was doing what my DSN said to do which is if your blood is 5, 6 or 7 and
you have something with less that 10g carb then don't bolus for it but I
guess maybe that isn't right for me. After having a bad hypo at 4 this
morning I now have something else to think about!

Thanks for your replies.

 There doesn't look to be any evidence of high BGs in the night you give
> details for.
> You probably didn't need the 9g carb before you went to bed, you should
> be able to go to bed with a BG of 4.8 and not do anything. I'd say it
> was the 9g carb that made your BG rise to 8.9 at 2am. After that your BG
> has been remarkably stable so I wouldn't adjust anything! Variation of 1
> mmol/l is nothing to get excited about!
> Di
> email @ redacted wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have had quite a few hypo's lately and because of this I have adjusted
>> both my insulin to carb ratio and insulin sensitivity factor - hypo's
>> were
>> always about 2 hrs after meals and correction doses also made me hypo.
>> Now
>> I am trying to tackle my basal rates. My main problem is I have woken
>> during the night quite a few times feeling ill with high BG. I have done
>> some BGs overnight and fasting bloods this morning but I am not certain
>> which rate to adjust. I would be really grateful if anyone could offer
>> any
>> advice at all.
>> My bloods were as follows:
>> 10.00pm   4.8 - ate 9g carb
>> 02.00am   8.9
>> 08.30am   10.1
>> 09.30am   9.8
>> 10.30am   11.7
>> 11.30am   10.8
>> 12.30am   9.1
>> My basal rates are as follows:
>> 12.00am   0.350
>> 04.00am   0.750
>> 08.00am   0.600
>> 01.00pm   0.450
>> 07.00pm   0.400
>> First of all do you think I should increase my midnight to 4am rate to
>> maybe 0.45 and see what happens? I think my fasting morning bloods were
>> stable although high but that was because they started off high. To be
>> honest, my bloods during the night have been in the twenty odds so this
>> was a good night but it will be a starting point to try to sort this
>> out.
>> I have adjusted basals in the past a little bit but I am not sure
>> anymore
>> after reading that bit in the John Walsh book (about changing the basal
>> 4-8 hrs before) which has been discussed before.
>> Sorry for rambling a bit, but as I say, any advice would be very much
>> appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> Gillian
>> Type 1 30 years. Pumping on the Animas 2020 5 months
>> .
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