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Re: [IPk] Adjusting basal rates

The first thing to have sorted is your basal rates. When those are sorted it 
will be easier to know whether your fluctuations are due to incorrect Carb 
Ratios or incorrect basal. If at 10pm you are 4.8, what I would do, 
depending on whether I was on a downward trend, would be not to have the 
carbs, but to reduce my basal by either 0.05u or 0.1u and see what 
transpires. Each individual is different and it's not really correct for me 
to tell you what is right for you. That's something you have to figure for 
yourself. The above information is only a guideline on something which may 
or may not particularly suit you. Check each hour to see how your bs is 
behaving. The most important thing however, is to have your basals correct. 
When your basals are correct you can then check your Carb Ratios. It may 
take a little time to get it properly sorted so don't expect instant 
success. Perhaps someone here can give some better advise. I hope it all 
works out well for you.
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