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RE: [IPk] Re: To Hilly

  I'm not on the pump but can tell you that since my sugars have been more
controlled I have managed to shift a stone and have more energy so if the pump
allows your sugars to be controlled better I can only think that weight gain
must be minimum.

Hilary Beattie <email @ redacted> wrote:

Hi Nanette,
Thanks for your email and I hope your daughter is healthy and happy...thanks
for sharing her previous eating problems with me.
I was very interested to read what you were saying about high blood sugars and
depression. It has been suggested to me before that my anxiety and depression
may be heightened with my poor control but as the doctors have neither I guess
I just dismissed them in the past - stubborn as well as a nightmare patient!
I will have to monitor myself over the next few months as I attempt to get
better control but I have noticed even in the last few days of better blood
readings that I havent felt as low, although nothing has changed with the
anxiety yet. It's too early to tell obviously but the seed has been planted
and it has given me more hope...

Best wishes
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Firstly, every sympathy with the eating disorder - I> watched my now 31 year
old daughter go through> anorexia in her teens, with bad patches recurring>
much later too, so am very aware how tough is to get> out of - well done to
you for being on your way out> of it, particularly without what sounds like
enough> in the way of really good psychotherapy and support.> > It is a great
generalization to say that everyone> gains weight in their first months on a
pump. I'm> not the only one on this list who had no great> change in weight,
and some lost weight - in my case> not dramatically but slightly - mostly
because I> felt so much better, both physically and> emotionally, that food
somehow took a more> reasonable and healthy perspective in my life. I> find
that as soon as my blood glucose control goes> haywire, particularly when I am
walking around all> the time with high BG, depression gradually starts> to set
in - several times I've been convinced that I> should be looking for
psychological help for this,> but found that a visit to my endocrinologist
with> suggestions how to improve BG control has resulted> in great improvement
in mood within a week or two.> Everything is linked for many of us, and while
I can> see that when just recovering from what sounds like> a very severe
episode of anorexia, you are very> vulnerable and need to be really careful,
and> perhaps not to make any lifestyle change> immediately, I agree with your
reaction that the> consultant's response might be a little harsh and>
unreasonable.> > Good luck with it all,> > Nanette> > >Subject: [IPk] Pump
appointment at Treliske> >> >Dear All> >Apart from my diabetes I also have
some other> health> problems, such as> >depression and anxiety. I also have an
eating> disorder> which I am currently> >managing very well and have done for
the last 6> months, but> has seen me drop> >to about 6 stone (5ft 4) last
year.> > The reason I am writing is I had an appointment> with the> pump
consultant> >today and he has decided to postpone putting me on> a pump> for
at least a> >further 12 months or until my general mental health> has>
improved. Although> >bitterly disappointed by the outcome of today I> have to
say> I agree as I think> >he understood how difficult it is for me to>
maintain any> kind of weight gain> >already achieved - 8 stone now!> >I agree
with the decision, as I said, but I still> came out> and cried my heart> >out
as im frustrated with myself for not being> stronger. I> will now have to>
>lose this consultant as he only does the pump> clinics which> is also
upsetting> >as he's really good at his job.> >My blood sugar levels are still
mostly 15 -25.0> (12%)and> his point was if I> >went on the pump and had a
target of even .> >8% I would inevitably gain more weight. I really> dont
want> this as it may> >undermine the "good" work Ive already achieved in>
regard to> my mental health.> >I know some weight gain is expected as I am
just> running> high at the moment,> >hence further weight loss is happening
due to my> poor> control but I wondered> >what other people's experience was
of how much> weight they> gained as a result> >of pump therapy? Say in ther
first 6 months?> >> >Thanks, Hilly> >p.s I really did try and keep this
brief!! :)> .> ----------------------------------------------------------> for
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