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Re: [IPk] diabetic doctors

Hi Sarah and Joyce
Sadly protecting a loan from loss of income is different from insuring against
loss of income...
Sadly I think that you will find it a hard push to find some-one to insure
you, if you managed it, it will most likley be expensive and have so many
cluases in what they wn't pay out on, that it would almost be a pointless
Both hubby and I are type 1 and both work for the same company and when they
brought in a insurance company (said that the had come up with a good deal
with the insurance company) when they scappedB our sick pay scheme...B refused
by the insurance company because of our diabetes, even though at that time we
had the best sick record going within our work place (never off sick)
As for protection loan payments if loss of income, IMHO I wouldn't touch them,
if you read the small print you find that even for a fit person there is too
many get out of clauses for the insurance company for them not to pay out....
But with saying all that, best advice and I must admit that I've never check
it out, is to visit the diabetic uk web site and see if they know of any
companies that will provide this type of insurance...

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I don't know if this will be of any use to you. When I was working some
years ago I took out a loan with HSBC and had income protection on that

Joyce Jones
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> Hi all,
> I am hopefully about to qualify as a doctor. I have been trying to
> get income protection to start when I start work in August (which
> seems pretty crucial to me with the extremely limited NHS sick pay
> for junior staff). I approached Wesleyn Assurance Society and asked
> about their policy regarding cover for people with diabetes and was
> advised to apply as they had to consider each application
> individually and that the likely outcome would be a higher premium. I
> therefore applied but have been rejected (almost by return of post
> without them making any contact with my GP or consultant) "in view of
> your diagnosis of diabetes". I wondered if there was anyone who had
> managed to get income protection after being diagnosed with diabetes,
> and who this was with. I also tried contacting the BMA but they were
> unable to offer any advice since this is private insurance.
> Please feel free to e-mail me off-list (email @ redacted).
> Many thanks,
> Sarah
> DM1 12y, pumping 5y
> .
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