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[IPk] Adjusting basal rates


I have had quite a few hypo's lately and because of this I have adjusted
both my insulin to carb ratio and insulin sensitivity factor - hypo's were
always about 2 hrs after meals and correction doses also made me hypo. Now
I am trying to tackle my basal rates. My main problem is I have woken
during the night quite a few times feeling ill with high BG. I have done
some BGs overnight and fasting bloods this morning but I am not certain
which rate to adjust. I would be really grateful if anyone could offer any
advice at all.
My bloods were as follows:
10.00pm   4.8 - ate 9g carb
02.00am   8.9
08.30am   10.1
09.30am   9.8
10.30am   11.7
11.30am   10.8
12.30am   9.1

My basal rates are as follows:
12.00am   0.350
04.00am   0.750
08.00am   0.600
01.00pm   0.450
07.00pm   0.400

First of all do you think I should increase my midnight to 4am rate to
maybe 0.45 and see what happens? I think my fasting morning bloods were
stable although high but that was because they started off high. To be
honest, my bloods during the night have been in the twenty odds so this
was a good night but it will be a starting point to try to sort this out.

I have adjusted basals in the past a little bit but I am not sure anymore
after reading that bit in the John Walsh book (about changing the basal
4-8 hrs before) which has been discussed before.

Sorry for rambling a bit, but as I say, any advice would be very much


Type 1 30 years. Pumping on the Animas 2020 5 months
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