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RE: [IPk] To Hilly

Hi sue
No offence what-so-ever with your email, just happy for your input :)
I do get some help with my mental health/eating disorder problems but Cornwall
is often lacking in funds and I have been waiting to start psychotherapy
sessions since last November - and that was after about 2 years of varying
assessments with different Mental Health services. To be honest everything
else has been put on hold until they find someone who can treat me (I don't
really understand but they just keep saying there is no funding!) In part this
has affected the decision  about the pump too so it has been hugely stressful
You ask if blood sugars of 15 -20 make me feel awful but ashamedly they do
not. I have always run high and am more used to running as high as 33.3+. I
feel hypo and have physical symptoms at about 15. Luckily I do test about 5
-10 times a day so I know I'm not actually hypo. It will take time but
eventually I hope I will feel well when my sugars are normal although
strangely I notice my Gastroparesis is at it's worst when my sugars are
between 5  -8...trust me!

Hilly> From: email @ redacted> Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 15:32:06 -0400>
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$25, or more... just $1 or $2 per month is > needed so that Insulin Pumpers
can continue to serve you and the rest> of the diabetes community. Please
visit:> > http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml> > Your annual
contribution will eliminate this header from your IP mail> > Hi there,> > I am
sorry to hear about the consultant's decision, but, like you, i kind of >
understand why.> > Are you getting help with your mental health / eating
disorder problems?> > I gained approximately half a stone in the first 6
months on the pump, but > my control was much better, and i felt so much
better in myself. I must admit i> have gained another half stone (been pumping
since Feb 2006), and i am > finding it difficult to lose weight, but, as my
blood sugars are much better,> my> general health is much better - i feel so
much better.> > As you say, your blood sugars are 15 - 20. Isn't that making
you feel awful? > I hope you are receiving the help you need to start to bring
your blood > sugars down, even though this may cause some weight gain. You
will feel better> in> yourself. At 6 stone you would probably have difficulty
with the insertion of > the pump sets.> > I wish you luck with the help you
are receiving, and hope, that in 12 months > time you will be ready for an
insulin pump. I hope i have not offended you > with anything i have said. If i
have, then i apologise.> > Best wishes> > Sue> .>
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