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RE: [IPk] Infusion set

I'm not sure if it's more to do with the site or not. Because when i put the
infusion set in, i noticed it hurt more than usual and it was sore for a while
afterwards which doesn't usually happen. But i'll see what happens, it doesn't
seem to be as tender as it was, maybe it's just a sensitive area. It's just
strange that it happened twice in two areas. I noticed though when i started
that i couldn't feel the insulin stinging whereas when i was on saline i could
feel it stinging when it went in. Then when i changed the site it started to
sting.> From: email @ redacted> To: email @ redacted>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 15:02:38 -0700> Subject: RE: [IPk] Infusion set> >
using humalog, but i've been using it since Tuesday and i've never> > felt it
sting at all up til the site change i did today> > Quite a few people on the
mail lists have complained about stinging > from Humalog on a large bolus.
Slowing the bolus or doing several > smaller ones seems to minimize this
effect. According to some people > with this complaint, changing to NovoRapid
helps or eliminates the > stinging. Second hand info, I have no direct
knowledge of this.> > Michael> > > > From:> > email @ redacted> > >
> To: email @ redacted> Date: Thu,> > 19 Jun 2008 14:37:19 -0700>
Subject: Re: [IPk] Infusion set> > Insulin> > Pumpers is made possible by your
tax deductible contributions.> Your> > donation of $10, $25, or more... just
$1 or $2 per month is > needed> > so that Insulin Pumpers can continue to
serve you and the rest> of the> > diabetes community. Please visit:> >> >
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml> > Your annual> > contribution
will eliminate this header from your IP mail> > > Ok, so> > i changed my
infusion site because it felt tender and it really> >> > stung when insulin
went in.... but i changed it and it still is the> >> > same. Throughout the
saline trial this has never happened, i don't> >> > understand but it doesn't
feel very nice at all, i don't even want to>> > > eat anything to avoid
boluses.>> > Usually insulin is less "stingy"> > than saline. Which of the
insulin-> analogs are you using? Perhaps you> > should try one of the others.>
> There are three: Humalog, NovoRapid,> > Apidra.> > Best regards,> Michael>
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